There are only two types of companies:
Those that have been hacked
And those that will be.

Cyber Security cannot be denied and we at Indicrypt Systems agree to it. Our innovative solutions help protect your cyber world by taking care of every little details we find in your IT Infrastructure.
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The future of IT is here with the emergence of Cloud Computing.

Indicrypt Systems helps you not just to move your IT to the cloud, but, also with deploying hybrid infrastructures with combining in-house and cloud assets to provide you with the maximum flexibility and manageability.
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Business Applications are the soul of businesses of today.

Indicrypt Systems have developed a set of fine tuned business applications that integrate with your business process to facilitate smooth and automated process as well as gives you appropriate insights into your business for you to have better visibility and take the appropriate decisions in time.
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Internet of things: Give a bleeding edge reform to your business.

We carefully examine your business and develop smart IoT solutions for your business so that you know what you did not know yet and can truly stand up to the norms of uninterrupted business with our smart downtime management solutions and more.
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We create a perfect blend of Knowledge, Skills and Innovation to deliver stable and scale-able business solutions for your business that helps your business grow with a sense of security.

Cyber Security

Securing a business Network, Web Application or Mobile Applications; we have it all covered for you. Not just that but we also provide custom built security solutions for any kind of security issues faced by your business.

Business Applications

We offer an ecosystem of business applications that are more than ERP, CRM or a BI system. Our applications are flexible to fit into your current business process as well as are cloud ready from this very moment.

Internet of Things

Make your business assets smarter with our IoT devices so that they can speak to you. Be it Industrial machinery or home automation, our devices will make any of your machines smart enough to see things you did not realize were there.

Cloud Computing

Shifting to the cloud or starting to deploy a cloud environment could be a hassle. Let us do the tough job and you sit back and take care of the business. Not just that, we can make your in house systems work along with cloud systems.

IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure, if not carefully setup, can cause huge issues for a smooth and long term business. We can carefully design and architect your business IT Infrastructure so that it is not just stable, but scale-able and long lasting as well.


Our training sessions are designed to understand the concepts and provide the correct hands on knowledge, however, we also bring out the professional in a candidate so that they can easily manage any issues faced in live environments.

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Modernization of Cyber Threats and Attacks

Malware, Virus, Worms, Trojans and so on. If you are a computer user or a smartphone user, you should be very well aware of these terms, or should I say threats. They all have been a part of the digital life that we have been living since years. You, me and everyone...
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Our First blog

Welcome to our blog. At Indicrypt Systems, we constantly make efforts to innovate to develop new technological solutions for our clients, and we think that we should also share something with the community. Hence, we would love to utilize our blogs platform to share...
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Our Clients

Indian Army


109th Light Air Defense Regiment of the Indian Army, needed to upgrade their old Linux based Network Infrastructure to latest of the systems. We were honored to help them get it done.


Christ College, Pune


One of the well known colleges in Pune, Indicrypt Systems helped them setup a computer network of over 170 computers, 2 server, 1 Firewall, for their students in the Computer Science branch.


Dexciss Technology, Pune


An emerging Cloud based ERP and business applications company, Indicrypt Systems helped them find critical security issues in their business applications to provide their clients a highly secure and trusted operating environment.


SREPL, Jaipur, RJ


A large, heavy electrical manufacturing company, Indicrypt Systems assisted them to move their business operation to an ERP system deployed on a hybrid cloud environment as well as secure their entire IT infrastructure by implementing necessary security measures.


Rotary Eye Hospital, Navsari, GJ


A charitable eye hospital in south Gujarat, needed a new website as well as a properly laid out network architecture. We helped them get a new website up and running in just 2 days as well as architect a scale-able and stable network infrastructure.


IISMA, Mumbai, MH


A competitive Mathematics training and examination institute, was overhauled with a new web portal with e-commerce functions, an online management system for the organization and an online examination system for over 4500 candidates to attempt their assessments at a time.


NID Technologies, Mumbai, MH


A well known 3d animation and graphics design institute in Mumbai was assisted to expand their portfolio with training in Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Programming Languages and more.


I-Medita, Pune, MH


India's most trusted and one of the largest CISCO networking training providers, needed assistance with profile expansion. Indicrypt Systems helped them with providing training in the fields of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and more.


IBNC, Gurugram, HR


Providing workshops and training sessions across India, Indicrypt Systems is helping IBNC in conducting such session in the field of Cyber Security, Network Security, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and more for over 2 years and counting.


ATS Learning Solutions, New Delhi


A well known Microsoft certification training organization, conducting training sessions across India, Indicrypt Systems is continually assisting them with quality training sessions with hands on practical sessions and candidate development activities.


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